Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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Blizzards, chemical spills, power outages, a dangerous person on campus. These things are not likely to happen, but sometimes an urgent situation does present itself. If one does, wouldn't it be great to be in the know?

To that end, Douglas College has implemented an emergency notification system (ENS) to keep the College community connected in an emergency situation. The ENS will relay key information to ensure continued safety of students and employees.

The Douglas College Emergency Notification System is made up of three parts:

DC Announce
A public announce system capable of broadcasting at both the David Lam and New Westminster Campuses.

DC InfoLine

A toll-free information line to contact the College for important messages and updates: 1 877 679 0823.

DC Alerts

Allows the College to provide urgent information alerts to subscribers via:
  • Text message
  • Recorded phone message
  • Email
Note: to receive DC Alerts you must subscribe.

How do you subscribe to DC Alerts?
Subscribe to DC Alerts through Student Self Service in myDouglas. Log in at myDouglas.ca with your student ID and PIN. Once logged in, access the “Self Service” box on the right side of the first myDouglas page. Go to the “Personal Information” link, and click on “Update Emergency Notification Information.”

Here you will be able to provide:
  • an emergency notification telephone number
  • an emergency notification text/SMS number
  • an emergency notification e-mail address
Questions? For more information on the Douglas College Emergency Notification System and to view the FAQ page, click here.