Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scholarships, awards and bursaries: ways to finance your education

If you've been living on no-name ramen noodles in order to pay for your education, it's time you looked into some of the ways to get money for tuition. Scholarships, bursaries and awards are three options open to you - and best of all, they don't involve loans that you'll eventually have to pay back.
Scholarships are based mainly on your academic performance. Bursaries are based mainly on financial need. Awards are based on financial need and may also be based on your involvement in your community, a specific area of study or some other criteria.
      Tracking down all of the places that offer financial assistance can take a bit of time, so here's a list to help you get started.

      Financial Aid at Douglas College (applications for summer busaries and awards opens May 1)

      Student Awards

      Scholarships Canada

      Student Aid BC

      Take a look around your community for organizations or groups that offer awards or scholarships. Your parents' employers or union may offer financial assistance, service clubs like the Kiwanis Club and Rotary often have scholarships and awards, while associations (religious, ethnic, activity etc) and Foundations, such as the Coquitlam Foundation, also provide assistance.