Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The right side of the law: Dave Jones

Program and graduating class 
Associate of Arts (Criminology), 1982

As of March 1 I took over the Chief Constable’s position with the New Westminster Police Service.

My initial career goal was to become a police officer, which I obtained in 1986 when I started with the New Westminster Police Service. After that it has simply been to work hard and enjoy the various aspects of the job that arise each day.

Personal goals
To have a healthy family and good work-life balance. With three sons and one grandson (and another on the way) it is to ensure we all support each other and that they are all given the opportunity to succeed in any way they can.

Role model
My father. He was always a versatile, hardworking person who set the example of what hard work and determination could bring you.

Favourite cop-related TV show
Law and Order (the original series). Though they offer the disclaimer that they are not depicting true stories, they do follow along with current incidents, some of which are controversial.

Favourite movie cop
Kevin Spacey in the Negotiator (1998). His character had a calmness about him while others were more excitable.

The toughest thing about college
Ensuring that you stayed on top of your course work and assignments. Taking five full courses each semester meant lots of study at exam time and the need to get a jump start on any term paper assignments.

The best thing about college
The instructors – they treated us like adults. I felt like I had grown up between high school and college in the span of about two months.

Best instructor
Norm Wardrop – Legal Studies. Right at the start he told us that his class would be a tough one, but that those students who hung in there would have a great learning experience. He was right.