Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Help us tell the Douglas College story - and you could win a ski pass!

By Dave Taylor, Director, Marketing and Communications

Have you got a great Douglas story? A favourite moment? Thoughts on what you really want people to think about our college?

Imagine Douglas is your place to share those ideas with the college community. And your comments will help us polish the Douglas identity to a brilliant shine.

Check it out! We’ve posted five questions to help get the conversation started, but we want to hear all your thoughts. You can post comments directly on the page, or share your thoughts through Facebook or Twitter.

If you’re feeling shy, you can even send us a private email.

And to get the ball rolling, we’ve got three sets of Cypress Mountain ski passes for two up for grabs. To win, just post an answer to one of the questions in the form provided (and be sure to leave your full name so we can contact you), or through Facebook or Twitter, or send us an answer through the email form. We’ll randomly select three winners this Thursday at noon.
That’s right, Thursday! So check out Imagine Douglas today, and help us tell the Douglas story to the world.