Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get smarter at Student Research Days!

Ever wonder what your fellow students are thinking?

At the end of this month you’ll have a unique chance to get into their heads at the Third Annual Student Research Days, an opportunity for students to share their research activities with their college peers and members of the community.

Student Research Days take place Monday, March 28, 10am-2pm at the David Lam Campus (Atrium) and March 29, 10:30am-2:30pm at the New Westminster Campus (Concourse)

Research presented this year will examine issues such as:

  • New mothers' childhood feeding practices
  • Douglas College students’ sleep patterns
  • Poverty, mental illness and community-based leisure and recreation
  • Workplace stress in Therapeutic Recreation
  • Peer Mentorship program in nursing
  • Microbiology topics: chlamydia, HIV, giardiasis, hepatitis B, lyme disease, anti-inflammatory activity of plants, malaria, sleeping sickness, biofilm and plant extracts
  • Homelessness and addictions
  • Barriers for clients with severe and persistent mental illness
  • Early childhood development
  • Prostitution
  • Cocaine and health
  • Mental health clinical placements in general nursing
 At the New Westminster Campus on the day of – March 29 – $1,000 worth of prizes will be handed out during the event. Volunteers will also be handing out passports to visitors. You’ll be asked to answer a series of questions based on the different research being presented. For each question answered correctly you’ll receive a stamp in your passport. Once your passport is complete, it will entered into a draw to win awesome prizes, including gift certificates for books and coffee cards from Tim Horton’s.
For more information on Student Research Days at either campus, hit up the volunteers in the bright blue T-shirts with “Ask me” written on the back (they’ll be roaming the campuses the day of the event) or check the Student Research Days website.