Monday, March 28, 2011

Early registration for Fall semester

Registration for Fall Semester 2011 classes will begin on June 23. You will need to check the date and time that you register on myDouglas. Please see the Fall 2011 Registration Guide for further instructions.

Early registration is good for students in that:

  • you will find out earlier whether you successfully registered for your desired courses. This will allow for advance planning around other commitments, such as work and child care, as you’ll know your course schedule that much earlier.
  • information on course demand will be available earlier, to allow the College to plan for additional course offerings where possible.

You will receive a registration alert card approximately one month before Fall registration begins. For a successful registration, make sure you make arrangements for academic advising or financial aid in time for the earlier start to registration.

For more information email the Registrar's Office or call 604 527 5478.