Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sister act: Fiona Doyle

Behavioural Interventionist Citation (BI Citation), Classroom and Community Support Diploma (CCSD), Disability and Applied Behaviour Analysis Advanced Citation (DABA)

I’m a behaviour interventionist working with individuals with autism.

First of all, I would like to do some travelling. My goal is to make it to most continents. I would love to get to Brazil for the World Cup. At this time, I’m undecided on my career goals. I’d possibly like to become a resource teacher or behavioural consultant.

My hero
My sister, Siobhan, who has special needs. She sees life from a totally different perspective. I know she struggles, and I know she’s aware she struggles, but it’s like she doesn’t really care, she’s fine just doing things her own way. I admire that because I wish I didn’t care about all the pressures of life.

When the going gets tough
There are moments when I'm working with a child and they're having a tantrum or a meltdown. I can tell they’re frustrated, and I think to myself, am I really helping? Is what I'm teaching them really going to impact their lives? And then the next day, they’ll have this "aha" moment, which leaves the tantrum from the day before as only a memory. It makes those rough days melt away.

New perspective
My classes taught me to think on my feet. I feel they helped me to become more creative for problem solving, which is a much needed skill in this field. We learned to think of different possibilities to solve a problem. I really appreciate this new perspective, because I’ve used this skill a lot in my real work life.

My instructors rock
I feel that my instructors are knowledgeable. They have all worked in the field and bring their experience to the classroom. I feel that their experiences have brought the theories to life; they have made it real. I respect the fact that the teachers are very passionate and really care about their work.

Next stop
Douglas has a partnership with the University of Calgary. I plan to get a degree in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies through correspondence.

My personal motto

"Just keep swimming." It’s from Dory in Finding Nemo. Even if you don’t really know where you’re going – if everything seems big and vast – just keep going.


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Disability and Applied Behaviour Analysis Advanced Citation
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