Thursday, November 11, 2010

Think global, party local

Want to see the world but can't afford to miss your classes (not to mention the airfare)? We have a solution for you.

International Day is a new event at Douglas College that aims to promote multiculturalism, cultural awareness, diversity and, of course, having an excellent time while taking in the food, drink, art and performances of different cultures from around the world.

The first International Day takes place November 17 (New Westminster) and November 18 (David Lam). One of the brains behind the event is Hiroshi Yasuoka, International Education Advisor, Centre for International Education. Hiroshi gives us some insight into the vision behind International Day.

Why International Day?

I was talking with Scott Fraser-Dauphinee, the Coordinator from the Centre for Campus Life, about there being not enough events for domestic and international students at the College. He showed me the new Douglife site for students to start clubs and advertise events, and then we got talking about having an International Day.

What you hope to achieve

We hope to get students connected with the College - show them that in addition to great academic programs there is another side to college life, and that's social interaction and getting involved. 

Why it's important for students to learn about different cultures

It's important for students to become global citizens as the College, city, province, country and the world have become international.  This affects how people need to communicate and interact at school, work and in our daily lives.

The highlights

The performances, the food and hopefully the atmosphere. 

Why people should come out

There will be some great performances, we are selling the food at cost and not seeking to gain a profit, and it will be a great chance to find out about opportunities to study abroad or find out about a different culture.

Where & When: 

New Westminster Campus, Wednesday, November 17, 11:30 am-2pm, Concourse

David Lam Campus, Thursday, November 18, 12-2:30pm, Atrium

See our earlier blog post for more information.