Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sign language program honoured

The Program of Sign Language Interpretation at Douglas College has received a prestigious award with a prodigious name: the 2010 Video Relay Service Interpreter Education Program Award of Excellence. This is the first time that the North America-wide award has been presented to a Canadian college or university.

The annual award, presented by Sorenson Communications, an American company that provides video relay service for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals who use sign language to communicate, is given to an interpreter education program (IEP) that is making a meaningful contribution by expanding curriculum and responding to the ever-increasing demand for interpreters.

Find out more about the awardand discover what on earth "video relay service" meanshere.

Update! October 19: and congratulate Douglas on its win.

November 12: Read about the award in the Coquitlam Now.