Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Los Torros wins Kings Court basketball tourney

More than 60 Douglas students came out for the 1st  men’s basketball intramural tournament October 15. Six teams competed to determine who would take home the 5 on 5 trophy.

Los Torros came out on top, with Ballers Unite taking a close second. It was a round robin format, with every team playing 5 matches in total. Prizes included a trophy, intramural championship shirts, water bottles and a gift certificate to Boston Pizza.

Big thanks go out to the Rec Squad volunteers (Kristi Wilson, Cindy Lawson, Sunera, Mashor, Yaw Bio-Twum, Kate Britton, Thayna and Morgan Wasiliew, Kevin Gunawan and Parmdeep Gahunia) for helping organize the tournament.

Final Standings:

1. Los Torros
2. Ballers Unite
3. Dream Team
4. Kongfu Panda
5. Oh No They Didn’t
6. Basketball Is Everything

Check out the tourney pics: