Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bedlam premieres at David Lam Oct. 25

Bedlam is a 12 ½ minute documentary that offers an intimate glimpse into asylum life at "Essondale"―now known as Riverview Hospital―in Coquitlam. Produced by Douglas Criminology instructor Heidi Currie and directed by independent filmmaker lisa g, Bedlam is the story of Kay Clayton, a health care worker who started working in the asylum's women's ward in 1945―in an era when medications were virtually non-existent.

"It’s pre-medication asylum care," explains Currie. "There’s a real din, the institution is loud and crowded and it's controlled environmentally; it’s not controlled by medication the way it is now."

Bedlam combines never-before-seen archival film and photography with present-day super 8 footage of Essondale.

"We were able to incorporate archival film from the Riverview Hospital Historical Society from as early as the 1930s," Currie says. "It's a unique academic contribution to documenting the topic."

Bedlam premieres October 25, 5:30pm in the Lecture Theatre (A1470) at David Lam Campus.

Currie and lisa g will be in attendance, along with Kathleen (Kay) Clayton Grootendorst and Anna Tremere, Founder of the Riverview Hospital Historical Society.

Bedlam is part 2 of the Riverview Hospital Story Project. See part 1, Asylum, at http://citizenshift.org/asylum.