Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Douglas College U-Pass update

Wondering what's going on with the U-Pass?

In June, the provincial government announced that a province-wide U-Pass program will be made available to students at post-secondary institutions - including Douglas.

But students have to vote for it first!

Over the summer, Douglas College and the Douglas Students' Union (DSU) have been working hard with other institutions, student societies, TransLink and the provincial government to work out details of the program.

The DSU is planning a referendum for students this fall on joining the U-Pass program. All students will be encouraged to examine the proposal and then decide if a mandatory fee for the pass should be levied on all students.

If students approve of participation in the program, the College and DSU will work together to implement the U-Pass as soon as possible - likely sometime in 2011.

Douglas Students' Union
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