Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Douglas College U-Pass update

Wondering what's going on with the U-Pass?

In June, the provincial government announced that a province-wide U-Pass program will be made available to students at post-secondary institutions - including Douglas.

But students have to vote for it first!

Over the summer, Douglas College and the Douglas Students' Union (DSU) have been working hard with other institutions, student societies, TransLink and the provincial government to work out details of the program.

The DSU is planning a referendum for students this fall on joining the U-Pass program. All students will be encouraged to examine the proposal and then decide if a mandatory fee for the pass should be levied on all students.

If students approve of participation in the program, the College and DSU will work together to implement the U-Pass as soon as possible - likely sometime in 2011.

Douglas Students' Union
One Pass Now campaign


  1. Where/when do we vote for the U-pass??

  2. sooner than later would be good

  3. I second that--when can we vote?

  4. it's already fall now, when do we vote?
    We definitely need U-pass

  5. When is the vote coming? We haven't heard anything about the voting date yet? And will we have the UPASS in time for the first day of the winter term?

  6. How hard can it be to make a ballot and have a list of all of the students enrolled. Let's vote already.

  7. Your frustration is understandable - big changes like this often take longer than expected to implement. At this point, we are waiting for word from the Douglas Students' Union on the date for the referendum, as they are in charge of organizing this part of the process. As soon as the referendum is completed (and if the majority of students vote in favour of joining the U-Pass program), the College will work as quickly as possible to get the rest of the details in place (start date, payment plan, etc.) We will let you know as soon as we know about the date of the referendum.

  8. definitely voting against it. it's completely unfair to the people who have to drive to school