Wednesday, September 29, 2010

40 after 40: Archie Miller

A Douglas College Comment

1970 was a special year for me as it was the year I decided to go back to university to explore some of the subjects that interested me. A major impetus for all this was the formation of Douglas College with a campus in my city, New Westminster, and a temporary campus site virtually in my home neighbourhood. I signed up choosing courses with a concentration on geography and history. It was an interesting and highly productive couple of years as I prepared myself to go on to SFU. Although I haven’t gone back to look up all the courses I took and the instructors I had, I do remember Sellers and Coulcher for a couple of Geographies and Gresko for History. While I don’t know much more about Sellers I frequently heard Blaine Coulcher on the radio on Vancouver Island giving the weather reports in the Victoria area and as for Jacqueline Gresko, we remain very good friends to this day and often, when time permits, enjoy talking about history and our own projects.

I went on to SFU and graduated in geography (cultural/historical) and archaeology. In 1973 I became curator (and later also archivist) of the New Westminster Museum (later Museum and Archives) and Irving House. Over the years I was also curator of the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame (voluntary position) and the Samson V Maritime Museum. After almost 27 years in this position I left the City’s employ and joined my wife Dale in her historical research company, A Sense of History Research Services Inc.

To this day I continue to work with history and am kept very busy with research, writing (including a number of books, articles, and the Our Past column in the Royal City Record newspaper), walking and cemetery tours, extensive research work with cemeteries, presentations, and so on. I also remain close to Douglas College in all this by providing walking and cemetery tours for a number of classes, including a number of different geography courses, an historical fiction course, and for a number of staff related events.

I very much enjoyed my time at Douglas and I wish the College very best wishes on its 40th anniversary.

Archie Miller
A student from the first semester in 1970.

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