Wednesday, September 29, 2010

40 after 40: Archie Miller

A Douglas College Comment

1970 was a special year for me as it was the year I decided to go back to university to explore some of the subjects that interested me. A major impetus for all this was the formation of Douglas College with a campus in my city, New Westminster, and a temporary campus site virtually in my home neighbourhood. I signed up choosing courses with a concentration on geography and history. It was an interesting and highly productive couple of years as I prepared myself to go on to SFU. Although I haven’t gone back to look up all the courses I took and the instructors I had, I do remember Sellers and Coulcher for a couple of Geographies and Gresko for History. While I don’t know much more about Sellers I frequently heard Blaine Coulcher on the radio on Vancouver Island giving the weather reports in the Victoria area and as for Jacqueline Gresko, we remain very good friends to this day and often, when time permits, enjoy talking about history and our own projects.

I went on to SFU and graduated in geography (cultural/historical) and archaeology. In 1973 I became curator (and later also archivist) of the New Westminster Museum (later Museum and Archives) and Irving House. Over the years I was also curator of the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame (voluntary position) and the Samson V Maritime Museum. After almost 27 years in this position I left the City’s employ and joined my wife Dale in her historical research company, A Sense of History Research Services Inc.

To this day I continue to work with history and am kept very busy with research, writing (including a number of books, articles, and the Our Past column in the Royal City Record newspaper), walking and cemetery tours, extensive research work with cemeteries, presentations, and so on. I also remain close to Douglas College in all this by providing walking and cemetery tours for a number of classes, including a number of different geography courses, an historical fiction course, and for a number of staff related events.

I very much enjoyed my time at Douglas and I wish the College very best wishes on its 40th anniversary.

Archie Miller
A student from the first semester in 1970.

Read Archie and Dale Miller’s Our Past column on the College’s 40th Anniversary here.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Animal health week event

We all know that animals are cute and cuddly on the outside, but how many of us know what's happening on the inside?

Educate yourself during the Animal Health Technology program's annual Animal Health Week event Oct. 5, featuring interactive displays on veterinary medicine including anesthesia,surgery, dentistry, radiology and anatomy. In step with this year's theme of animal identification, there will be a special display on microchips.

Be sure to enter the "Ask the Vet" trivia contest to win prizes of temporary tattoos, magic pens and more; and the Grand Prize draw to win a book bag containing an umbrella, travel mug, key chain, a copy of "Healing Power of Pets" (book) and more.

Where: David Lam, Atrium
When: Tues, Oct. 5, 12:30-4:30 pm

Everyone is welcome!

For more information on Animal Health Week, click here. Read more...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Royals Rumble II: Splugers rise to glory

Close to 100 Douglas students came out for this year's second Royals Rumble, an epic multi-sport competition that took place on Wednesday. Eight teams, all in costume, competed in volleyball, basketball, soccer and table tennis to determine who would take home the trophy.

In the end, The Splugers (far left) came out on top, with De Royal Hitmen taking a close second.

Big thanks go out to the Centre for Campus Life volunteers (Bea Valles, Zaw Paing, Mashor, John DeJesus, Yaw Bio-Twum, Joseph Agiba, Kate Britton, Semir Ivziku, Nathan Taylor, Kevin and Yanis) for helping to organize this awesome event.

Other awards

Best team photo: De Royal Hitmen
Best team outfit: The Splugers
Best team name: Royal Nerds
Sportsmanship award: The Brigade
Loudest and most enthusiastic: The Splugers
Best team cheer: Who Dat Nation
Team participation: Royal Smashers

Check out the event photos:

For more info on campus events, check out

Friday, September 24, 2010

40 after 40: Julie Fraser


Julie Fraser was born and raised in Maple Ridge, BC. After losing her grandmother to cancer, and with the encouragement of her family, Julie decided to become a nurse, which led her to Douglas College after high school graduation.

“I was very excited to be accepted and starting the program in September of 1993,” she recalls. “I can still remember the first day of class and being so nervous and excited thinking – ‘Could I really become a nurse?’

“I was lucky to meet and connect with great instructors and classmates, all whom imparted valuable lessons about nursing and humanity. The program with a mix of theory, lab and clinical, was not easy, but prepared me for caring for individuals who were struggling through tremendously difficult health challenges.”


Julie’s successes at Douglas College encouraged her to continue her education. She completed her Bachelors of Nursing and is currently enrolled in the Master’s of Nursing: Educator Option at the University of Victoria. She currently works as a Clinical Practice Consultant in the Professional Practice and Integration department in Fraser Health. In this role I have the opportunity to support new graduate nurses transition into the profession.

“I have been privileged to have practiced nursing for the past 13 years in my local community in the hospital, and long-term care settings,” she says. “My passions in nursing include community nursing, end of life and wound care, mentorship and professional practice.”

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Interested in Co-op for Winter semester?

You may have heard of "Co-op" or "Co-operative Education" at Douglas. Wondering what it's all about? Here's a quick run-down:

What's Co-op?
Co-operative Education integrates your academic studies with related work experience. After completing the first half of a diploma or university transfer program (30 credits), you'll alternate semesters of classroom studies with semesters of paid, full-time employment.

What's in it for me?
  • Real work skills - take skills learned in the classroom and apply them in real-life situations
  • Try out your field - gain insight into whether the field you've chosen is the right career for you
  • Get confident - know your way around before you enter the work-force
  • Network - meet people in your field before you graduate
  • Make money - help pay for your studies or living expenses
It's basically a win-win situation: not only do you get paid to work, you also gain valuable relevant experience in the field your studying. This can be a big help for when you graduate and start looking for a job.
Check out stories from other Douglas students who have done Co-op  

Does my program offer Co-op? 
Currently, only the following Douglas programs offer a Co-op option:
  • Accounting Management
  • Business Management
  • Computing Science and Information Systems
  • General Business
  • Marketing Management
  • University Transfer Arts
  • University Transfer Commerce
  • University Transfer Science
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
Am I eligible? 
If your average is C+ or better, you've completed 18 credits and you're enrolled in one of the above programs, you're most likely eligible.  

How do I find out more?  
If you're ready to look for a Co-op placement for next semester, or just want to find out more about the program, contact the Douglas College Co-op Office at 604-527-5100 or visit Read more...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

40 after 40: John Banovich


John Banovich came to Douglas one summer in the ’80s to join the Music program. This lead to getting involved in the Handel’s Messiah choir, the College men’s choir and a couple of bands formed with other students. After playing some gigs over the summer, he came back to school and received a Music Diploma (1986) and an Associate of Arts in Computer Information Systems and Business (1987) before heading off to SFU. After completing his post secondary education, he started taking night school classes in film and bought his first camera, an Arriflex 16mm.

Banovich fondly recalls his youth, when he filled every spare moment not occupied studying with sports, music and an ad-hoc comedy group.

“College was a lens for me, if I can use film terminology, to focus my academics and activities,” says Banovich. “It was an awesome time of my life,” he adds.


In 1997, everything changed. Banovich was struck by a drunk driver while traveling north on King George Highway.

“I was killed and came back to life in that ambulance on the way to Royal Columbia Hospital,” he says.

He spent months at the Hospital, undergoing 60 reconstructive surgeries and rehabilitation to learn to walk again. He overcame those obstacles, however, and has gone on to a successful career in the film industry as an award-winning director and cinematographer of feature films, TV series and commercials, documentaries and music videos.

Banovich is also a motivational speaker for non-profit organizations, including Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Indeed, his inspirational recovery and volunteerism lead to his winning the MADD National Volunteer Award in 2003 and the Coast Mental Health Courage to Come Back Award in the Physical Rehabilitation category in 2008.

He is particularly passionate about sending his message to high school students, some who may be unsure of where they want to go in life.

“My advice has always been ‘Why don’t you go to a community college? You can study, learn and develop yourself. Find out what motivates, drives and excites you. College is a great place to get your feet wet.’”

40 after 40 is a series showcasing our amazing grads and employees in celebration of our 40th anniversary. Check back every Wednesday and Friday for another inspiring story. See more about our 40th on our Anniversary page.

Friday, September 17, 2010

40 after 40: Fred Ewaniuck


Before he could conquer the stage, Fred Ewaniuck had to conquer his own shyness.

"If I could find a way out of doing something, I would," he admits, adding that it wasn't until his second year in the Theatre Program at Douglas that he got his first leading role in a College production.


The Port Moody-raised Ewaniuck is best known today for his television roles as the affable but dim Hank on the CTV hit series “Corner Gas” and the titular character in the series “Dan for Mayor,” about a thirty-something bartender who runs for mayor of his hometown.

But it was his time at Douglas that set in motion the chain of events that got Ewanuick where he is today.

"Having Douglas on my résumé got me my first job at Science World, my first paid on-stage job doing kids' theatre and science shows. Through that, I met my acting coach. Through my acting coach, I met an actor who got me my agent. All these connections started. One of the girls who was in the Theatre program with me ended up in casting later on and cast me in my first lead role in a film," he says. “If your plan is to be an actor, you just need to find the best way for you to get that ground support to build off of. I felt Douglas was the best - it's as simple as that."

40 after 40 is a series showcasing our amazing grads and employees in celebration of our 40th anniversary. Check back every Wednesday and Friday for another inspiring story. See more about our 40th on our Anniversary page.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Homecoming bash: don't miss it!

Whether you're a current student or an alumnus, you won't want to miss the Homecoming party next Friday night. If live entertainment (think: contortionists), food (think: those tasty little shrimp things you love), drinks (think: cold beers and delicious wine) and a DJ (think: sweet beats) aren't enough for you, you'll probably want to come just for the prizes. Which, by the way, include Canucks tickets, a 65-gigabyte iPad, a Toshiba laptop, iPod Touches and lots and lots of shwag.

Did we mention that it's free?

Check out the full schedule of events below. And don't forget to RSVP!

Douglas College Homecoming
Friday, September 24, 2010
New Westminster Campus

Students-only party. Free pizza at the DSU!

Party starts in the concourse. DJ Nap starts his set and the bar pours its first drink.


Aboriginal dancers and drummers perform

4:30pm - 8pm
Westcoast Contortion and Acrobatics perform throughout the evening

Opening Remarks by Sir James Douglas

Alumni Women's Volleyball game (Main Gym)

Aboriginal drummers perform

Remarks from the President and Vice Chair of the Board

Cake! Prize draw! (you must be there to win)

Alumni Men's Basketball game (Main Gym)

The party's over

Douglas College is turning 40! For more information about this and other 40th anniversary events, check out the website.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

40 after 40: Anu Dawit-Kanna


Crime paid off for Anu Dawit-Kanna. Anu came to Douglas College to study Criminology in 1995.

“I am fascinated by the criminal mind. I always wanted to know why people do what they do. “

In the end, her studies here helped pave the way for her dream career.


After graduating from Douglas in 1997, Anu transferred to UBC for political science and
journalism. In 2005 she had the opportunity of a lifetime, landing a paid internship at CBC.

Since then Anu hasn’t looked back. As the morning reporter on CBC Radio One, she reported on Arts and Culture, human interest and feature stories.

Most recently, Anu has taken on the role of online producer for CBC.

40 after 40 is a series showcasing our amazing grads and employees in celebration of our 40th anniversary. Check back every Wednesday and Friday for another inspiring story. See more about our 40th on our Anniversary page.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DCBA launches student business card service

By Aleem Jinnah, Douglas College Business Association

As part of our goal to aid business students in their career paths, the Douglas College Business Association is pleased to be launching a business card service this fall.

Why should I purchase business cards?
Business cards will give you the opportunity to provide brief career and contact information in professional and social situations where handing out resumes would not feasible. They are an essential job-searching, self-marketing and networking tool.

What will the cards look like?
The finalized cards will look very similar to this:

Will they be personalized?
Yes! The business cards will have your first and last name, program, major (if applicable), phone contact, and email contact.

What if I need them for the CA recruit at the end of September?
A rush order can be placed for students taking part in the CA recruit for no extra charge. Please email

How much do the cards cost?
By leveraging a volume discount the DCBA is able to offer cards at two price points, significantly cheaper than if you purchased them on your own:

250 cards – Only $15
500 cards – Only $20 (BEST VALUE)

How do I order and pay?
Payments and information will be taken at the following times in the DCBA office (Room 4321, New Westminster Campus):

Wednesday September 15 (12:30 - 2:15pm)

Wednesday September 22 (4:00 - 5:15pm)

Wednesday September 29 (12:30 - 2:15pm)

Thursday September 30 (4:30 - 6:00pm)

Wednesday October 6 (12:30 - 2:15pm)

Thursday October 7 (4:30 - 6:00pm) *Last day!*

At this time we will only be accepting cash and cheque payments.

*** If you are unable to make any of the times listed above, please email to work out a private appointment

How do I pick them up?
The DCBA will be setting up additional times when students can pickup their business cards at the DCBA office. We will be contacting students with this information as soon as they are ready.

For more info
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or call Jonathan Tung at 778-231-2122.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Douglas 3-on-3 beach volleyball tournament

The temperatures may be dropping, but summer isn't quite over yet! Get out for one last romp in the sand this Thursday for the Can You Dig It?! Beach Volleyball tournament.

Tournament Details
What: Can you dig it? 3-on-3 Beach Volleyball Festival
Who: YOU! Teams of 3-5 players. Team must have a minimum of one female player on the court at all times.
When: Thursday, September 16th from 4 - 7pm
Where: Town Centre Park Beach Volleyball Courts (across the street from the David Lam Campus)

For more info and to register, check out the Centre for Campus Life events page. Read more...

40 after 40: Dr John Bertram


In 1976, John Bertram was a high school dropout working his way through a series of odd jobs, from paper mills to thoroughbred stables.

“In high school I didn’t see the point of my studies. I just wanted to get out and start working, but once I was out there, I didn’t find it gratifying,” Bertram recalls. “My life wasn’t really going anywhere; I was just drifting around trying to find myself.”


Dr. John Bertram is an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, where he serves as Director of the Gross Anatomy Lab and the university’s Body Donation Program in addition to teaching in various programs including biology, anatomy, health sciences and engineering. But he says it was Douglas where it all began.

“I came to Douglas College at a time of major transition in my life,” says Bertram. “And it showed me what I was capable of.”

In June 2010, Bertram came back to Douglas to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award. Watch his acceptance video here.

40 after 40 is a series showcasing our amazing grads and employees in celebration of our 40th anniversary. Check back every Wednesday and Friday for another inspiring story. See more about our 40th on our Anniversary page.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Douglas College U-Pass update

Wondering what's going on with the U-Pass?

In June, the provincial government announced that a province-wide U-Pass program will be made available to students at post-secondary institutions - including Douglas.

But students have to vote for it first!

Over the summer, Douglas College and the Douglas Students' Union (DSU) have been working hard with other institutions, student societies, TransLink and the provincial government to work out details of the program.

The DSU is planning a referendum for students this fall on joining the U-Pass program. All students will be encouraged to examine the proposal and then decide if a mandatory fee for the pass should be levied on all students.

If students approve of participation in the program, the College and DSU will work together to implement the U-Pass as soon as possible - likely sometime in 2011.

Douglas Students' Union
One Pass Now campaign

40 after 40: Fay Wong

Personal growth in the face of adversity has been a common thread throughout Fay Wong’s life. Wong lost both parents when she was young and was widowed with two small children when she was in her 30’s. At the age of 45, Wong opted for a career change and returned to school to earn Community Social Service Worker (CSSW) diploma at Douglas College.

“The impact of CSSW was profound,” says Fay. “My world view broadened with a greater understanding of the issues surrounding various human conditions. Even my perspective of self changed as my self-awareness increased; old belief systems were challenged and dispelled, and I realized my true potential.”

In 2007, Fay graduated with honours, earning a Gold Cord for being in the top 10 percent of her class. Since graduating, she has worked as a Career Information Specialist and a Career Consultant in an employment resource centre. Today, Fay is transitioning towards self-employment as a wellness consultant and seeking work with different populations to further her skills. As well, she will be mentoring new CSSW students this fall.

“Giving back to the college is extremely important to me as without this education, I would not be where I am today.”

40 after 40 is a series showcasing our amazing grads and employees in celebration of our 40th anniversary. Check back every Wednesday and Friday for another inspiring story. See more about our 40th on our Anniversary page.

Monday, September 6, 2010

40 after 40: Patrick Gallagher

Back in 1988, Chilliwack’s Patrick Gallagher hadn’t quite figured out who he was. He had gone from being a good student to goofing around after his parents’ divorce. He enrolled in the Theatre Program at Douglas College to, as he puts it “get my parents off my ass.” But he ended up finding a lot more.

You may recognize Gallagher as the short-shorts wearing football coach, Ken Tanaka, from the first two seasons of the hit musical comedy series Glee. Gallagher also had a recurring role as a bloodsucker in HBO’s Southern gothic vampire series True Blood. He has had roles in Vancouver-shot staples Da Vinci’s Inquest and Da Vinci’s City Hall, along with Master and Commander and Sideways. He came to life as Attila the Hun in both Night at the Museum films, and invented his character’s gibberish language. “I learned the joy of performing there. That’s the biggest thing I took from my time at Douglas,” says Gallagher.

40 after 40 is a series showcasing our amazing grads and employees in celebration of our 40th anniversary. Check back every Wednesday and Friday for another inspiring story. See more about our 40th on our Anniversary page.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Smash birdies with the Royals

Are you good with a racquet? Want to play with a nationally-ranked team?

The Douglas College Badminton Team is looking for 3 Male and 2 Female badminton players for the upcoming season. If you want to train, compete and represent Douglas College on the court then this is your chance!

For more information contact Al Mawani at

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