Thursday, May 27, 2010

Badminton Team "roars" at Cedar Hills Elementary

by Michelle Leong, Athletics Coordinator, Centre for Campus Life

400 students and staff at Cedar Hills Elementary school in Surrey were clapping and cheering at their gym on Friday afternoon May 21. They were excited to see the Douglas College badminton champs – Alvin Lau, Stephanie Ko, and Ray Luo – demonstrating their skills in live action. Excitement began when Alvin and Ray opened with a men’s single match. Noise grew louder when Stephanie demonstrated how to attack her two male opponents. The students were shouting “go Stephanie go!” in a cacophonic symphony of encouragement.

After teaching some badminton techniques, the team invited students to play. Hundreds of hands reached for the sky as everyone was eager to compete with our champions.

The excitement reached its climax when teachers were invited to play. The students were screaming in delight to witness their teachers attempting to outwit our Canadian National gold medal winners. Students were thrilled to see their favourite teachers like Mr. Kwan and Mr. Leong scoring points against our team. When the game was over, many students flocked to meet with their heroes asking for autographs. The session was packed with fun, laughter and exhilaration. The Cedar Hills community wishes to express their appreciation to the Douglas College badminton team for providing such an engaging and educational workshop.