Thursday, March 11, 2010

Timmy's: the place to be at DLC

My favourite place on campus
By Tamara Bingley

At the Tim Horton’s café (David Lam Campus), the randomness of the students and the staff make it my favourite place to hang out on campus. Whether it is between classes, after or before, I can always find a friend. It’s sometimes entertaining to listen to students’ conversations; some people talk so dirty in public areas. Hearing people speak about their “wild” Friday night can be highly amusing. Hanging around friends is always relaxing and a stress reliever when at school, and it’s always nice to catch up with an old friend.

The Tim Horton’s café is also good for doing homework – it’s not too loud and not too quiet where you’re about falling asleep. Group assignments can sometimes get noisy (too loud for a library); in that case studying at the café is a good option. The Tim Horton’s is better than the other café because all the Pinetree Secondary students are not permitted - hence why it isn’t as loud as the other café. If you want to have a quick nap, the back of the café is very useful. It’s quiet and people rarely go back there, you will most likely be left undisturbed and very relaxed (however, you may look a little silly).

Hungry? Why not fatten up with a doughnut right beside the café and then do a few laps around some tables to attempt to burn it off. Or, get up, stand on a table and do a little dance. Most people are on breaks in the cafe and very, very jaded; watching someone dance could be very enjoyable for them. Overall, if you’re looking for a good place to pass time, stop by the Tim Horton’s café, grab a seat and enjoy a little entertainment.