Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Swap-o-rama-rama a big success

By Jenn Markham

Swap-Orama-Rama was a great event, and an awesome experience. I volunteered at the event in the morning making buttons. It was fulfilling for me to watch and help people put their ideas into buttons they could stick on their clothes. People had some wild and crazy ideas for what they wanted to put into them, and they all turned out amazing.

Video by Imogene Broberg-Hull

In the afternoon I got to take part, and I alerted a torn pair of jeans into a funky pair of jean shorts with a sash as a belt, an embroidered butterfly, buttons and ribbon bows. I had such a great time first finding the clothes I wanted, and then deciding how I was going to personalize them. All the different materials gathered for the event were inspirational, especially the things I wouldn’t have thought of such as carpet samples. I got to cut, glue, paint, and sew the shorts into exactly what I wanted. I made friends along the way too, who showed me techniques, gave me suggestions and encouraged me. The whole atmosphere was invigorating; everyone was having such a blast. My favourite part was seeing people alter the clothes that I brought. I packed them up because I didn’t wear them anymore, but others saw their value and altered them into some pretty cool things. Some items I wouldn’t have recognized if I hadn’t seen their new owners running around with them all day. The whole idea of Swap-Orama-rama and how it brings light to sustainability was eye-opening. To realize how disposable society is, and that we were doing our part by making original clothes and expressing our individuality. I heard talks of another one next year, and I highly recommend going because I can guarantee the clothes that left aren’t going to be given away anytime soon.