Monday, March 22, 2010

Intern finds her way in the Animal Kingdom

By Bailey Chambers, Marketing Management

So I’ve been in Florida for almost 2 months now, and I’m definitely over my homesickness funk. I still miss home like crazy, but I’m handling it better now thankfully. I had to take my “earning my ears” ribbon not too long after I earned them so I feel like I know everything now. And the Disney point - 2 fingers instead of 1 - will be stuck with me forever!

I’ve been going to the parks more often, and I’m starting to know my way around the Animal Kingdom a little better. In about a month I will be switched from merchandise to attractions. I’m hoping to stay at Expedition Everest since I know everyone there, but as long as I’m not sent to Magic Kingdom I’ll be fine. I cannot work until 2 or 3 am - I’m definitely not a night person. Not much else has changed since I first got here. The weather has gotten nicer, so I’m no longer freezing at work, but it’s also gotten busier. I’ve gone from working 32 hours per week 2 weeks ago to 57 hours next week! Everyone is working the mandatory 6 days a week for the next little while.

I’ve also started making more friends. I met 2 girls in my Merchentainmant class and I hang out with them and their roommates quite often (I’m now called the adopted 5th roommate). I get along with most of my roommates quite well, although one got kicked out not too long ago then terminated shortly after that. One of my roommates from UCR moved into her empty bed because her building was getting renovated, so we’re back to living together again (just not in the same room this time). I’ve also become close friends with some of the people I work with; I just haven’t had a chance to really hang out with them because we all seem to have such busy schedules.

I’m taking a class called Corporate Analysis and it’s basically just learning more about The Walt Disney Company as a business rather than the entertainment part of it. I wanted to take Creativity and Innovation, but it ends after I leave. I’m thinking of still taking it, even though I won't get credits for it.

Bailey Chambers is one of the first Douglas students taking part in an internship at Disney. An information session for the next internship is being held on March 8 – see Work for the mouse for details.