Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Swap-o-rama-rama a big success

By Jenn Markham

Swap-Orama-Rama was a great event, and an awesome experience. I volunteered at the event in the morning making buttons. It was fulfilling for me to watch and help people put their ideas into buttons they could stick on their clothes. People had some wild and crazy ideas for what they wanted to put into them, and they all turned out amazing.

Video by Imogene Broberg-Hull

In the afternoon I got to take part, and I alerted a torn pair of jeans into a funky pair of jean shorts with a sash as a belt, an embroidered butterfly, buttons and ribbon bows. I had such a great time first finding the clothes I wanted, and then deciding how I was going to personalize them. All the different materials gathered for the event were inspirational, especially the things I wouldn’t have thought of such as carpet samples. I got to cut, glue, paint, and sew the shorts into exactly what I wanted. I made friends along the way too, who showed me techniques, gave me suggestions and encouraged me. The whole atmosphere was invigorating; everyone was having such a blast. My favourite part was seeing people alter the clothes that I brought. I packed them up because I didn’t wear them anymore, but others saw their value and altered them into some pretty cool things. Some items I wouldn’t have recognized if I hadn’t seen their new owners running around with them all day. The whole idea of Swap-Orama-rama and how it brings light to sustainability was eye-opening. To realize how disposable society is, and that we were doing our part by making original clothes and expressing our individuality. I heard talks of another one next year, and I highly recommend going because I can guarantee the clothes that left aren’t going to be given away anytime soon.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Learn from a pro: Philip McCourt comes to Douglas

By Aleem Jinnah, Douglas College Business Association

If you're interested in a career in finance, don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the best. On March 31, the Douglas College Business Association (DCBA) hosts an evening with Philip McCourt (CGA, CIRP), Senior Vice-President of Abakhan & Associates and a Trustee in Bankruptcy.

An integral part of the Abakhan team, McCourt provides his expert advice to their professional staff in all areas of their insolvency and consulting practice. Focusing on corporate insolvencies, including receiver-manager, trustee/interim receiver in proposals, agent, monitor, assessments, consultant and forensic accounting, he has been able to thrive in this lucrative area of finance.

With his unique public speaking style, McCourt will engage Douglas students and staff in a discussion about the path he followed to get to where he is today; his retrospection on what he did right and what he did wrong along the way will be invaluable information for all students. Along with war stories and tales of the ups and downs of the industry, the evening will be filled with high energy and lots of enthusiasm. There may not be another speaker like him for a couple of semesters, so don't miss out! Admission is free, and light refreshments will be served.

Date: Wednesday, March 31st 2010
Time: 5:30-6:30pm
Location: Room 2203, New Westminster Campus
Registration: Participants must register online
Questions? Email us

Monday, March 22, 2010

Intern finds her way in the Animal Kingdom

By Bailey Chambers, Marketing Management

So I’ve been in Florida for almost 2 months now, and I’m definitely over my homesickness funk. I still miss home like crazy, but I’m handling it better now thankfully. I had to take my “earning my ears” ribbon not too long after I earned them so I feel like I know everything now. And the Disney point - 2 fingers instead of 1 - will be stuck with me forever!

I’ve been going to the parks more often, and I’m starting to know my way around the Animal Kingdom a little better. In about a month I will be switched from merchandise to attractions. I’m hoping to stay at Expedition Everest since I know everyone there, but as long as I’m not sent to Magic Kingdom I’ll be fine. I cannot work until 2 or 3 am - I’m definitely not a night person. Not much else has changed since I first got here. The weather has gotten nicer, so I’m no longer freezing at work, but it’s also gotten busier. I’ve gone from working 32 hours per week 2 weeks ago to 57 hours next week! Everyone is working the mandatory 6 days a week for the next little while.

I’ve also started making more friends. I met 2 girls in my Merchentainmant class and I hang out with them and their roommates quite often (I’m now called the adopted 5th roommate). I get along with most of my roommates quite well, although one got kicked out not too long ago then terminated shortly after that. One of my roommates from UCR moved into her empty bed because her building was getting renovated, so we’re back to living together again (just not in the same room this time). I’ve also become close friends with some of the people I work with; I just haven’t had a chance to really hang out with them because we all seem to have such busy schedules.

I’m taking a class called Corporate Analysis and it’s basically just learning more about The Walt Disney Company as a business rather than the entertainment part of it. I wanted to take Creativity and Innovation, but it ends after I leave. I’m thinking of still taking it, even though I won't get credits for it.

Bailey Chambers is one of the first Douglas students taking part in an internship at Disney. An information session for the next internship is being held on March 8 – see Work for the mouse for details.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Upcoming events: beach volleyball, outrageous trick pool and more.

By Leah Poulton, Communications & Marketing Office

Check out some of the unusual (and awesome) events coming up this month at Douglas:

Can you dig it?
Why wait till summer for beach volleyball? The Centre for Campus Life is hosting a 3-on-3 volleyball tournament on March 31 at the Town Centre Park Volleyball Courts (across from the David Lam Campus in Coquitlam). All are welcome!

Register online, or contact Scott Fraser-Dauphinee at for more info.

The Gerry Watson Pool Show
Come see Canada's #1 billiard entertainer in action, challenge the 3-time Canadian champ and have your mind blown by outrageous trick shots. March 23, 12:30-2:30pm in the DSU Upper Lounge - free food included! No registration required. Check out Gerry Watson's website or call 604-527-5005 for more info.

Royals Rumble
You won't want to miss the biggest REC event of the year! For 3 hours of mayhem on April 7th, your team of 7-10 students or staff will be in for an afternoon of sports that you won't forget. Teams will play a mini-tournament in 3 sports (basketball, volleyball, Indoor Soccer) and the best overall team will have bragging rights until next year. Great prizes for the winners and best team outfits will be awarded.

Register online or contact Khalid Ahmed at for more info.

More athletic events
Arts events
Events calendar

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paralympics come to Douglas

By Leah Poulton, Communications & Marketing Office

The Paralympic spirit was alive and well at Douglas earlier this month, when Therapeutic Recreation hosted their first-ever Paralympic event.

Students, staff, faculty and the public all came out for the day's events, which included a movie screening, meet-and-greets with past and future Paralympians, concourse displays and the popular interactive Paralympic sport events.

Check out the photos:


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Suicide and Italian-American Reconciliation: win tickets!

By Leah Poulton, Communications & Marketing Office

Looking for some quality live theatre that fits into your budget? Check out the upcoming productions at Douglas College. With $10 student tickets and $7.50 matinees, they're tough to beat. Keep reading after the break to find out how to win free tickets.

The Suicide

Semyon Semyonovich, an unemployed little man, wakes his wife so she will cook him a sausage. After she refuses, they fight, and he locks himself in the bathroom. Under the misassumption that her husband has become suicidal, she enlists the help of her mother and neighbors to save him. Semyon leaves the bathroom to set the record straight, but the damage is done. Word spreads about Semyon's desire for death. A series of characters come to pay Semyon a visit, all enlisting him to die for their cause or in their name. Swept up in his own importance and the idea of becoming a hero, Semyon eventually agrees to kill himself during a banquet held in his honor. At the party, however, Semyon faces the truth - he wants to live. He fakes his own death, only to accidentally come to life in the middle of his own funeral, at which point events spiral to a glorious climax.

Read more about Director John Cooper

Shows:March 19, 20, 23, 24, 24, 26, 27 @ 7:30, March 22 @ 12pm, March 27 @ 2pm

The Italian-American Reconciliation

This sparkling, gritty romantic comedy is set against the backdrop of New York's Little Italy. Playwright John Patrick Shanley has won the Pulitzer Prize and the Academy and Tony Awards; his works include Doubt and Moonstruck.

Huey Maximilian Bonfigliano has a problem: While he is safely divorced from his shrewish first wife, Janice, who shot his dog and even took a bead on him, he feels he cannot regain his "manhood" until he woos and wins her one more time - if only to put his broken marriage behind him once and for all. He enlists the aid of his lifelong buddy, Aldo Scalicki, a confirmed bachelor who tries, without apparent success, to convince Huey that he would be better off sticking with his new lady friend, Teresa, a usually placid young waitress whose indignation flares when she learns what Huey is up to. In a moonlit balcony scene (hilariously reminiscent of Cyrano de Bergerac) Aldo pleads his lovesick friend's case and, to his astonishment, Janice capitulates - although not for long. However we do learn that her earlier abuse of Huey was intended to make him "act like a man" which, at last, he does. And, more than that, he (and the audience) become aware that, in the final essence, "the greatest - and only - success is to be able to love" - a truth which emerges delightfully from the heartwarming, wonderfully antic and always imaginatively conceived action of the play.

Shows:March 25, 26, 27, 30, 31, April 1, 2 @ 7:30pm, March 27 @ 2pm, March 29 @ 12pm

Tickets(for both productions):
$15 General Admission
$10 Students (with valid picture ID)
$10 Seniors (Age 65+)
$10 Douglas College Theatre & Stagecraft Alumni
$7.50 Matinees, Talk-Back Tuesdays & Groups of 10 or more
$7.50 Special World Theatre Day price (March 27 only)
Buy tickets online or by calling 604-521-5050


Want to check out one of Douglas College's upcoming productions - for free? We've giving away a pair of tickets for each show. Just comment on this post before 3 pm on Friday, March 19 to be entered into the draw. This contest is open to Douglas College students, staff, faculty and the public.

Note: you must be able to pick up the tickets from the New Westminster campus between 8am - 5pm to be eligible.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Royals wrestlers represent at the NCWA championships

From Dean Howie, Centre for Campus Life

Five Douglas College wrestlers are suiting up to compete in the National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) National Championships in Hampton, Virginia this weekend.

Competing for Douglas are Raj Rai (Senior, 141 pounds), Sam Sepehripour (Junior, 165 pounds), Arjun Gill (Freshman, 197 pounds), Pardeep Rekhi (Sophomore, 235 pounds) and Sarah Morten (Fresh(wo)man, 139 pounds).

Royals wrestler Sarah Morten at a January, 2010 match

The championships run from Thursday, March 11 until Sunday, March 14. You can watch live coverage and find up-to-date match results on the NCWA website. Read more...

Timmy's: the place to be at DLC

My favourite place on campus
By Tamara Bingley

At the Tim Horton’s café (David Lam Campus), the randomness of the students and the staff make it my favourite place to hang out on campus. Whether it is between classes, after or before, I can always find a friend. It’s sometimes entertaining to listen to students’ conversations; some people talk so dirty in public areas. Hearing people speak about their “wild” Friday night can be highly amusing. Hanging around friends is always relaxing and a stress reliever when at school, and it’s always nice to catch up with an old friend.

The Tim Horton’s café is also good for doing homework – it’s not too loud and not too quiet where you’re about falling asleep. Group assignments can sometimes get noisy (too loud for a library); in that case studying at the café is a good option. The Tim Horton’s is better than the other café because all the Pinetree Secondary students are not permitted - hence why it isn’t as loud as the other café. If you want to have a quick nap, the back of the café is very useful. It’s quiet and people rarely go back there, you will most likely be left undisturbed and very relaxed (however, you may look a little silly).

Hungry? Why not fatten up with a doughnut right beside the café and then do a few laps around some tables to attempt to burn it off. Or, get up, stand on a table and do a little dance. Most people are on breaks in the cafe and very, very jaded; watching someone dance could be very enjoyable for them. Overall, if you’re looking for a good place to pass time, stop by the Tim Horton’s café, grab a seat and enjoy a little entertainment.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Huang and Lau's smashing season

By Leah Poulton, Communications & Marketing Office

Royals badminton players Alvin Lau and RuiLin Huang were recently named as the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA) male and female badminton players of the year - for the second year in a row!

A fifth-year veteran, Alvin has had an impressive season thus far recording 31 wins and 2 losses and capturing five titles: three Mixed Doubles and two Men’s Doubles. Lau, in his fifth and final year for the Royals, looks to add another CCAA Gold medal to his collection (he previously earned National titles in Mixed Doubles and Men’s Doubles).

Captain for the Royals, Alvin’s leadership, skill and versatility has helped guide the Douglas Royals to another BCCAA title. In addition to his post‐secondary success, Lau is making his mark on the National and International scene. He was selected to the Canadian National Team and represented Canada at the Thomas Cup in Peru.

Alvin’s success on the court has garnered recognition as BCCAA Player of the Week and Month; CCAA Athlete of the Month; 2009 Premier Award Winner; 2009 Douglas Player of the Year; 2009 CCAA Male Badminton Player of the Year and now 2010 CCAA Male Badminton Player of the Year.

A second year player with the Douglas College Royals, RuiLin (Lynn), continues to totally dominate her field in the British Columbia Colleges Athletic Association (BCCAA). This season she has recorded 31 wins – 0 losses while capturing six titles: 2 women’s singles, 2 women’s doubles and 2 mixed doubles. Her career statistics within the BCCAA and CCAA (2008‐2010) are 67 wins and 0 losses!

RuiLin’s strong contribution this season helped guide the Douglas Royals to another BCCAA title. In addition, Huang’s skill and success has carried onto the National and International court. She captured the Women’s Singles title at the 2010 Seattle Open, the Women’s Doubles title at the 2009 US Open and was a Semi–Finalist in Women’s Singles and Women’s Doubles at the 2009 Montreal International.

RuiLin’s accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. She has been selected as a finalist for the Sport BC College Athlete of the Year award; BCCAA Player of the Month, CCAA Athlete of the Month; 2009 Female Badminton Player of the Year; 2009 Douglas Athlete of the Year and now 2010 CCAA Female Badminton Player of the Year.

For more information on the Douglas College Royals, check out

Monday, March 8, 2010

Doug's Got Talent - vote now!

By Leah Poulton, Communications & Marketing Office

After four months and nearly 100 entries, the top ten finalists have been selected for the Doug's Got Talent video contest. Now, it's up to you to decide who wins the grand prizes of $4,000 in tuition. Vote now! Read more...

Friday, March 5, 2010


By Tracey Denofreo, CMO

Why buy new when you can Swap-o-rama-rama? On Saturday, March 13, come to Swap-o-rama-rama at the David Lam Campus Main Atrium. Bring at least one bag of clothes you no longer want, collect a bag of clothes you do want from the swap pile, and decorate, sew and silkscreen your new-to-you finds at this free event.

Douglas College Psychology student Ashley Graham, student volunteer leader for Swap-o-rama-rama, shows off a silk-screened creation. Douglas College and ArtsConnect are hosting the event on March 13.

Not crafty? Not to worry. Local artists, including fibre artists, sewers, silk screeners and fabric painters, will lead Do-it-Yourself Workshops where you can learn how to do anything from making minor modifications to completely transforming your new clothes. All the materials you need will be supplied. There will even be a red carpet where you can show off your new creations.

There will also be entertainment, featuring live music from indie bands and local musicians, including Douglas students.

Swap-o-rama-rama – – is a non-profit organization that started in the U.S. A free silk-screening machine is being provided for the event through one of the organization’s sponsors, Yudu, and Jenome Canada is supplying 15 sewing machines for use by participants. Douglas College is co-sponsoring Swap-o-rama-rama with ArtsConnect.

"This is kind of a wild event and a great community builder. We're hoping to bring Douglas students, local artists and the whole community together to share our stuff, our talents and our collective desire to consume less and create more,” says Jillian Hull, a Douglas instructor and ArtsConnect board member.

“Everyone is welcome. In fact, since the event is really created by the people who participate in it, anyone who would like to volunteer for this event can connect with us,” Hull adds.

Swap-o-rama-rama is being held in the Main Atrium at the David Lam Campus of Douglas College, 1250 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, from 11am-4pm. To find out about volunteering or for more information on the event, contact Jillian Hull at or Helen Daniels at

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Find out about UT - and win $400 in tuition!

By Leah Poulton, Communications & Marketing Office

Thinking about transferring to UBC, SFU or another university? Douglas is hosting 2 university transfer information sessions next week where you can:

* Chat with representatives from SFU and UBC.
* Learn about Douglas' university transfer courses.
* Interact with Douglas professors.
* Talk to Douglas grads who have gone on to university.

Plus, you can enter for your chance to win $400 in tuition credits - there will be 3 prizes awarded at each session.

The David Lam Campus session takes place on Monday, March 8, 5 pm in Room A1470. The New Westminster Campus session takes place on Wednesday March 10, 5pm in Room 2203. See Campus Locations for driving, transit and parking information.

Questions? Contact the Office for New Students at 604-777-6095 or Read more...