Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Intern gets her ‘Disney look’

By Bailey Chambers, Marketing Management

I’m now in Florida. I flew in Sunday (January 30) night and I’m totally split from everyone I was with in California. Some of them are in the same complex and others are in the other complexes 10 minutes away, but no one is the same building as me. I am now with five new girls, all from the States, but each is from a different state: Delaware (Hayley - my roommate) Texas and Oregon (Dani and Brandy - room next to us) Maryland and New York (Melissa and Anna - room on the other side of our apartment).

A new look
For the first few months, I’m working in the Animal Kingdom at Expedition Everest (a big rollercoaster) doing merchandise. Our third day here, we had something called traditions, which is just going over some general stuff about Disney and we got our name tags and our WDW cards (which gets us into the park for free and discounts everywhere else). Oh, and Disney has something called the Disney look - they could pick out too many colors in my hair so I am now a brunette for six months.

Earning my ears
We then started training and because I’m working in merchandise at Animal Kingdom I first have a class called DAKlimiation (Disney’s Animal Kingdom) and then Merchantainment (entertainment and merchandise - clever!). The costumes they give us suit the park and the themes...but not me. Thankfully, other people are wearing the same thing. My job consists of selling merchandise either in the Everest store or at one of the four outdoor carts either near Everest or in the “Asia” area.

I finished my training on Thursday, February 9, but I still have my “earning my ears” ribbon stuck to my name tag so people will continue to think that I don’t know absolutely everything about Disney.

Getting out and about
I have yet to explore the parks entirely. I’ve been to Magic Kingdom twice but only for a couple hours and I’ve been to Downtown Disney where I spent way too much. Over the next month I hope to visit the parks as much as possible and really get to know my way around there so I can act like an expert when my parents and aunt get here. In the next few months I hope to visit SeaWorld, a Cirque show and the water parks, as well as hopefully use my two days off (and request an extra one or two) for a visit to New York.

Bailey Chambers is one of the first Douglas students taking part in an internship at Disney. An information session for the next internship is being held on March 8 – see Work for the mouse for details.