Thursday, February 25, 2010

Students wanted for Sun Run team

By Lori Kittelberg, Communications & Marketing Office

Runners always come in pairs, so grab a friend and come to the first Sun Run clinic next Wednesday at the New West Campus!

It’s a great opportunity for new runners and walkers to come have fun, keep fit and meet new people. The Douglas College Sun Run team meets on Wednesdays at 4pm starting on March 3 at the New West Campus Fitness Centre. Thursday sessions will be added, start date to be determined. If you're interested in a David Lam Campus running clinic, contact team captain Khalid Ahmed in the Centre for Campus Life at

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Intern gets her ‘Disney look’

By Bailey Chambers, Marketing Management

I’m now in Florida. I flew in Sunday (January 30) night and I’m totally split from everyone I was with in California. Some of them are in the same complex and others are in the other complexes 10 minutes away, but no one is the same building as me. I am now with five new girls, all from the States, but each is from a different state: Delaware (Hayley - my roommate) Texas and Oregon (Dani and Brandy - room next to us) Maryland and New York (Melissa and Anna - room on the other side of our apartment).

A new look
For the first few months, I’m working in the Animal Kingdom at Expedition Everest (a big rollercoaster) doing merchandise. Our third day here, we had something called traditions, which is just going over some general stuff about Disney and we got our name tags and our WDW cards (which gets us into the park for free and discounts everywhere else). Oh, and Disney has something called the Disney look - they could pick out too many colors in my hair so I am now a brunette for six months.

Earning my ears
We then started training and because I’m working in merchandise at Animal Kingdom I first have a class called DAKlimiation (Disney’s Animal Kingdom) and then Merchantainment (entertainment and merchandise - clever!). The costumes they give us suit the park and the themes...but not me. Thankfully, other people are wearing the same thing. My job consists of selling merchandise either in the Everest store or at one of the four outdoor carts either near Everest or in the “Asia” area.

I finished my training on Thursday, February 9, but I still have my “earning my ears” ribbon stuck to my name tag so people will continue to think that I don’t know absolutely everything about Disney.

Getting out and about
I have yet to explore the parks entirely. I’ve been to Magic Kingdom twice but only for a couple hours and I’ve been to Downtown Disney where I spent way too much. Over the next month I hope to visit the parks as much as possible and really get to know my way around there so I can act like an expert when my parents and aunt get here. In the next few months I hope to visit SeaWorld, a Cirque show and the water parks, as well as hopefully use my two days off (and request an extra one or two) for a visit to New York.

Bailey Chambers is one of the first Douglas students taking part in an internship at Disney. An information session for the next internship is being held on March 8 – see Work for the mouse for details.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Follow the Douglas Badminton team online

Follow the Douglas Badminton team in their quest for the BCCAA championship and a spot in the CCAA national championship this Sunday.

The CCAA Live Game of the Week continues Sunday at 10am PST in CCAA Badminton. This week features the medal matches from the 2010 BCCAA Badminton Provincial Championships. Read more...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Work for the mouse

Attend info session on Disney internship

Find out more about how you can get hands-on experience at the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’: the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Info sessions
Disney and the University of California will be on both campuses on Monday, March 8.
David Lam Campus: 9:00am, room A2290
New West Campus: 2:00pm, room 1809

NOTE: Students from all faculties are encouraged to attend the info sessions on March 8. Currently, the internship is open to Commerce and Business Administration students only, but the college would like everyone to come along so it can gauge demand and adapt the program as needed.

Application process
Business students (except HORM) need to fill out a pre-screening application form - information and the form can be picked up at the Commerce and Business Field Base, room 4300 at the New West Campus or room A3030 at the David Lam Campus. Submit completed forms and documentation in hard copy by Tuesday, March 2 to the Commerce and Business Administration team at either campus.

Douglas College is offering this unique international experience in partnership with the University of California Riverside and Disney - click here to find out more. The Fall 2010 intake runs from July 4-December 31, 2010.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Douglas College torch bearer shares her experience

More than 500 Douglas students and employees lined the streets of New West to cheer on Bachelor of Business Administration student and Douglas College Olympic torch bearer Anna Solnickova.

An on-campus celebration followed, complete with trivia, Olympic dressing and jello-eating competitions. Anna returned the New West Campus, where she gave a speech, along with Sport Science instructor and former Olympian Brian Storey and Douglas President Scott McAlpine. Read on for Anna’s blog about the experience.

By Anna Solnickova
Douglas College torch bearer
Bachelor of Business Administration

February 9, 2010 – 11:24 pm

WOW - what an amazing day it has been! I can’t believe I carried the Olympic torch today! It’s all just starting to sink in as I look at the fingerprint-covered torch perched on my dining room table. I figure about 200 people touched the torch today and every single one of their faces is forever imprinted on my mind.

Finally having had the time to reflect back on it all, the whole experience was such a thrill. One of my absolutely favorite and most memorable moments from today is walking down 4th Street and seeing the huge sea of Douglas College people dressed in red, waving their flags. It meant so much to me that everyone took the time to come and cheer me on. Seeing all of the fans so excited made me even that much more emotional and grateful that I was chosen to represent Douglas College and the wonderful community we are so lucky to have. I was so proud to be a DC student and a Canadian in that moment.

As I was carrying the torch, hearing my name shouted by complete strangers, hundreds of people waving at me and cheering me on, I thought of Terry Fox and how he united Canada with his Marathon of Hope in 1980 and the power of the torch and the Olympics truly dawned on me. In that moment we were all united by the flame and Olympic spirit, strangers instantly became my friends and we all partook in an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Coming back to the New Westminster campus was yet another surreal experience. I couldn’t even walk across the concourse without being immediately surrounded by students and staff who wanted to take photos with the torch. The energy of everyone there was absolutely phenomenal and made an already incredible day even that much more special.

Thank you so much for your support everyone! A tremendous thanks to Terry Fox for his selflessness and determination for it saved my leg and life. And special thanks to my family who have always been there for me and shaped me into the person I am today – I couldn’t have done any of this without your love and encouragement.

Douglas birders dominate Seattle Open

By Al Mawani,
Badminton Coach

The Douglas College badminton team and the Shuttlesport Junior team – both part of the Shuttlesport Douglas College Badminton Academy – played in the Seattle Open this past weekend. The Senior team put on quite a show, winning 4 of the 5 events.

In the most exciting match of the tournament, KaiLai Zhang defeated teammate Richard Liang in three hard-fought, intense games. This was KaiLai's first international win.

In the Women's Singles, RuiLin Huang showed her class by dominating and winning the event without dropping a game. She was in full control throughout the final, defeating USA's Renata Baker 21-8, 21-4.

Stephanie Ko led the team with 2 wins. She partnered with Alvin Lau to defeat teammates Darren Hong and Melody Liang in the Mixed Doubles final, then teamed up with Melody to win the Women's Doubles event.

The only loss was in the Men's Doubles event where Alvin and Darren lost to former World Champions Tony Gunawan and Howard Bach from the USA. Alvin and Darren put on quite a show for the large crowd against the two Americans but eventually lost 21-15 and 21-16.

The Shuttlesport Juniors also put in a fine effort with Jacky Chan (aged 15) and Alex Wong (aged 14) winning the consolation event in the Men's Doubles.

In all, 22 players traveled to Seattle from the Shuttlesport Douglas College Badminton Academy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Toonie Tuesday collects $1,261 in two hours

by Mike Dominelli,
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Semester 6 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Students (BSN) would like to thank everyone who donated money on Toonie Tuesday on February 2 at both Douglas College campuses.

We are pleased to announce that we collected $1261.12 in two hours with your
help, which the Federal government will be matching. The donations collected have been sent to the Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. The faculty member from the BSN program who helped us organize this was Roberta Mercier.

Thank you all once again for your donations!

From the Douglas College BSN Semester 6 Nursing Students

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Douglas Olympic torch bearer thanks instructor

BBA student draws inspiration from Terry Fox for her walk

by Lori Kittelberg,
doug editor

Without the encouragement of one of her instructors at Douglas College, Anna Solnickova would never have applied to be the College Olympic torch bearer.

“George Fisher urged me to apply – I really owe this to him,” says Anna, now in her final semester of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) - Accounting program.

When an email went around the College asking for nominees for a torch bearer, George says he immediately thought of Anna.

“I see a lot of really good qualities in Anna both inside and outside of the classroom that exemplify the Olympic spirit, namely determination and courage,” says George.

Anna is walking her segment of the New Westminster torch bearer route on Tuesday, February 9. She starts at 12:22pm at 3rd Street and Royal Avenue, walking along Royal to 4th Street where she’ll turn left and head downhill to Agnes. (editor’s note: route subject to change – we’ll let you know if there’s any change)

The Terry Fox connection
Anna plans to draw inspiration from Terry Fox. At 17, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her right knee. Having immigrated to Canada from the Czech Republic at age 13, she had learned about Terry Fox in an ESL class, but hadn’t quite grasped his importance in Canadian history. When she was diagnosed with the same cancer as Terry, her boyfriend (now her husband) told her more about him.

“Terry Fox was my main motivation to get through it. It was scary how identical our stories were. I was 17 when I was diagnosed, he was 18. It was the same cancer in the same location. His selflessness saved my leg and saved my life. Without his work, I probably wouldn’t be here talking to you today,” says Anna.

In 2005, she was diagnosed with sarcoma in her lungs – the same cancer that Terry Fox died from. It was at that point that she contacted Terry’s brother, Darryl, and got involved with the Terry Fox Foundation.

After treatment, which included removing half of one of her lungs and chemotherapy, Anna says it was time to decide what she wanted to do with her life. Her mother is an accountant, so she chose the Accounting Program at Douglas, then transferred to the BBA Program.

Friends and mentors
She says the instructors make all the difference in the program. George Fisher, Don Valeri and Bill Archibald “really care about their students’ success in and out of the classroom,” Anna notes, adding that she counts them all as friends and mentors.

Anna recalls the first time she told George she was involved with the Terry Fox Run, he immediately opened his wallet and handed her $100. “Each year he increases his donation. This year, he may be up to $1,000,” she laughs.

With the encouragement of her friends at Douglas and with Terry Fox’s determination in mind, Anna is ecstatic to play a role in the 2010 Olympic Games.

“Terry Fox’s approach was to meet life’s challenges head on, which is what the Olympics are all about. I try to take this approach too. You can do whatever you put your mind to.”

It will be Colour Douglas Red Day at the New West Campus on Tuesday, February 9 – Anna will join the celebrations shortly after her walk. The party hits the David Lam Campus on Thursday, February 11. Get all the details at

A message from the DSU

Haiti relief update

My name is Priscilla and I am the External Relations Coordinator for the Douglas Students' Union. I had initially sent an email about our match funding groups who wanted to fundraise for the relief efforts for Haiti.

I was not clear with my messaging and there has been miscommunication since. I would like to say that this was not the DSU as a whole that has made this error, it was myself. When requested I mistakenly did not send the following message:

"The DSU is committed to making every effort to raise funds for Haiti. Our primary fundraiser will be a bake sale held in the concourse on January 28. DSU will match funds collected by DSU though direct fund raising or clubs to a total maximum of $500before January 29, 2009 and requires the funds to be sent though DSU to a legitimate aid organization. DSU will also be making an up front contribution of $500 to Haiti aid."

The DSU believes in supporting the efforts put forward for this cause and are doing their best to rectify any problems because of this error.

I thank you for the moment of your time, I wanted to apologize for any inconvenience.


Priscilla Bartleman
External Relations Coordinator
Douglas Students' Union

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Get Accounting info - and free food

By Allyn Edwards
DCBA Accounting Representative

Hey future accountants: get some great career advice and a bite to eat. The Douglas College Business Association (DCBA) is hosting a free Accounting Information Session on Wednesday, February 10.

There will be presentations by CA, CGA and CMA representatives explaining what each designation involves, why you should choose the designation, and the best way to pursue each designation.

This event is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about a future in accounting, what direction you want to take and how to go about it, and to network with representatives from the designations. So stop by, enjoy some pizza and learn about the opportunities of becoming an accountant.

Where: Room 1812/1814, New Westminster Campus
Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Time: 5-6pm, doors open 4:45pm
Price: Free! Please register. In the event of a full house, priority will be given to registered individuals.

Free pizza and pop will be offered

Monday, February 1, 2010

Win Canucks tickets at Health Fair

By Britta Peterson
Student Wellness Awareness Team

Think you’re healthy? The Douglas College SWAT (Student Wellness Awareness Team) wants you to come out to the Health and Wellness Fair on Tuesday, February 2 in the David Lam atrium and Wednesday, February 3 in the New West concourse, from 10:00am-2:00pm both days.

As a student at Douglas College, you have access to tons of free services to promote your health and well being including:
• sport science health and fitness assessments
• chiropractor
recreation, fitness centre and gym access
• naturopathic doctor
• and many more

Make your way through several interactive booths at the Health and Wellness Fair, including a massage therapist, chiropractor, a naturopathic doctor, the Sport Science, Nursing and Therapeutic Recreation departments, DC Recreation, and many more!

Sample some free snacks and enter to win Canucks tickets and other awesome student health and wellness-related prizes!

The fair will also include a fundraising booth organized by Health Sciences students for the Canadian Red Cross's disaster relief in Haiti. Donations over $10.00 will receive a tax receipt.

Stop trying to make an excuse; it’s too good to miss!