Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Student newspaper gets the scoop about what’s happening at Douglas College

By Mark Fisher, Business Manager and Advertising, The Other Press

In April of 2009, I organized a survey that asked Douglas College students what they thought about the amount of college-related content in the student newspaper, The Other Press. A large portion of the respondents to the survey (42%) said we should have more stories that are related to Douglas College, so we decided to make that one of our main goals for the paper in the Fall 2009 semester.

I’m happy to say that in the past semester we reached an all-time high for publishing Douglas College-related content, reaching an average of over nine stories per issue. Click here to view a Google document with the issue by issue breakdown.

The opinions, arts, and sports sections each far surpassed the previous amount of College-related content from the previous semester. The news section continued to be just as solid as it was in 2008-2009. All in all, it was a great team effort by hard-working students who put a lot of time and effort into finding out and reporting about what was going on at Douglas.

While we’d like to cover everything newsworthy that goes on at the College, our editors and contributors are students too and they have to balance their time at the paper with their studies, so we’re always looking for more students who are interested in what’s going on at the College to come be a part of the paper. We have weekly meetings in Room 1020 every Monday at 6pm that are open to all students. Or you can e-mail the section editor that you’re interested in writing for if you can’t be there at that time.

I hope every student with an interest in writing gets to contribute to the paper at some point during their time at Douglas College. It’s definitely an experience you should not miss out on.