Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A decision for my future

By Amanda Cheung, Sport Science

When it came to making a decision about my future, the options were easy. Work a dead-end job that consisted of four walls, which only trapped me further and further, suffocating the life out of me, or go to school and pursue the career of my dreams. Universities are large, intimidating, and costly but a college seemed to be a better fit seeing class sizes are smaller and you are not just a number in class but an actual student.

The advice
Although my decision seemed clear cut, I wanted to ask others for their opinions on why they went to various schools. What was interesting was one of my friends told me that Douglas College was the best time of her life. The learning environment was welcoming, the professors were knowledgeable and the friendships lasting. Everything was always readily available. If you wanted to participate in sports, there were club teams or intramurals, if you wanted a place to relax and study or just mingle with your friends, there was the café, the library or the concourse, which was something you see straight out of the movies. For those who wanted to kick back, relax and unwind from the days of cramming for exams and let loose, the student union offered themed dances on a regular basis.

The more the stories I was told, the more drawn I felt to Douglas College. I was not even registered, nor did I have my schedule structured, but I had already imagined how my days, weeks, and semesters would look. No other educational institute seemed to matter nor could I fathom attending school anywhere else. Sure, the proximity to my current household was also a contributing factor but overall, in the end, the decision was obvious.

Flash forward
I am now currently in my second year of the Sport Science Program and everything that I had imagined was far from the truth - it has exceeded my expectations beyond belief. I owe my success thus far to my professors who instill their knowledge upon me, to my friends who have infected my life more positively than I could have ever imagined, and I now look into the future and look forward to others asking my opinion on which educational institute to attend. My answers will replicate those, which were reflected to me in the past.

I am proud to become a Douglas College alumni. I now have memories that will last a lifetime, friends that are supportive throughout and knowledge which I look forward to instilling within my future students, as I will become an educator. The best part of it all is that in order to become a successful educator, you have to make informed and educated decisions, and it is clear that by attending Douglas College, I have further paved the road to my future success.