Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ping pong at New West Campus tops

Congratulations to Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching student Michelle Lelik, winner of the Canucks ticket draw! Thanks to everyone who entered – your stories will appear on doug over the next few months. Read on for Michelle’s story about her favourite place to hang out on campus.

By Michelle Lelik
Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching

I would like to say that the average person either hangs out in the Concourse, the Library, or the Cafeteria, but I am far from an ordinary person. I find myself spending a lot of my free time in the aerobics room (located in between the gymnasium and the weight room) when I am not in class, but not necessarily doing aerobics. Participating in the aerobic classes would be cool I guess, but this room has an extraordinary secret about it. This unique room contains ping pong tables, which are free to use whenever the room is open.

Now, being a poor/starving student, anything free is really fun to do especially when it is with your friends. It also introduced me to new people on campus that now know me as the “Ping Pong Girl.” In order to rent out the paddles and ball, you have to go to the weight room and give the people your Douglas ID. When I walk into the room, I don’t even need to talk anymore because they know I am there just for the paddles and ping pong ball. One time I walked in there with a friend who was going to work out, and they automatically gave me the equipment even though I didn’t need it that time.

I guess from now on, I will forever be remembered as the girl who played ping pong pretty much every day. But that doesn’t matter, because when people ask me what I do at school, I am proud to say that I play ping pong during my spare time.