Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A little Halo to start the day

by Tom Malencia, Defender, #3, Douglas Men's Soccer Team

The morning of the Provincial final, I woke up at about 11:30, a bit of a late morning, but I needed my rest. I then proceeded to my living room to play some Halo. I got into an argument with his guy online, not a big deal, it ended in me sniping him from like the other side of the map. I switched over to FIFA 10, to get focused, and go into "game mode," but it didn't work. I got destroyed online like 5-1, by Ronaldoxxbigboi9. I don't like him.

For this game, I didn't really feel nervous at all. It just felt like another day, another game that we needed to get through, until I stepped outside and saw the rain and felt the wind. I almost felt like calling in sick – just kidding, but seriously it was cold.

Anyway, it was a hard-fought game by both teams. Vito Lacobellis popped in two killer goals, becoming my favorite player of the year, and possibly of all time (slightly ahead of Kaka). His face was priceless. He was absolutely shocked, like he couldn't believe he had the ability to score goals, let alone play soccer.

I don't think I've celebrated and yelled as hard as I did when the final whistle blew. Everyone went nuts, including our coach, Joe Ormerod, who danced and sang some sort of song, but no one really knew what he was saying because of his accent. He said something like, "We are the best (inaudible noises) football, Douglas College!" We were all confused, but excited.

It still hasn't set in that were going to Toronto to play for the CCAA championships. It's going to be great.

Oh, and "Party in the USA" is still number one on my playlist.

Tom Malencia is a member of the Douglas College Royals Men’s Soccer Team, which won the provincials on October 25. Tom and his teammates are headed to Toronto for the nationals November 4-7. See photos from the provincials on the BCCAA fan page. His posts will also be appearing on the Vancouver Sun School Sports Zone blog.