Friday, September 18, 2009

Hey, sporto

By Kyle Strauts, Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching

I have gone through an entire lacrosse career of coaches and leaders. From September 21-25, the Week of the Coach takes place at the New West Campus. Whether you’re a coach, an athlete or just interested in sports, come and get some new ideas from other students and experienced coaches alike.

The week’s events will showcase some of the amazing up-and-coming students and faculty who are learning or practising their coaching talents. As a fourth-year Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching student, I’m excited to see what the week’s events have to offer, and I invite you to come take a gander at what the hype is about.

Guest speakers, like former NHL goalie Bill Ranford (left) and former Olympian and rowing coach Jason Dorland, will be sharing their knowledge and experience in seminars. They’ll discuss their past, present and future plans towards coaching.

All around, it is an exciting time for people looking to advance their ideas about the coaching field and get some insight into others' plans and processes. An added bonus is on the final day, the Investors Group Community Sport Coach Administrator Award will be given to a deserving member of the community.

In my own experience as a coach for soccer and lacrosse, I feel there is never an end to the wealth of teaching and learning in coaching. Even if you take only one piece of knowledge or advice from an event like this, I consider that a success in its own right. See you all there!