Thursday, July 2, 2009

Québec students bring a little je ne sais quoi

While you’re out and about this summer, keep an eye out for some of our latest Languages at Work participants. One of them could be scooping your gelato in North Vancouver, pulling your pint in Whistler or preparing a rental kayak for your paddle around Deep Cove.

Seven students from Quebec are taking part in this summer’s program. They started off with meetings on campus to improve their resume writing, interviewing and presentation skills in English.

Their experience is just as diverse as their current job descriptions. One student worked as a dairy farmer for three years. Another is an actress in Québec. For another, working with diverse cultures is old hat – she once worked in a trade mission to India.

The program provides participants with an opportunity to immerse themselves in English language and culture while working in BC. It’s also a terrific way for local employers and the community at large to learn more about French Canadian culture.